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Featured Articles

  • "The Cellular Globe-Trotter: AT&T Discounted International Rates"

    Increasingly large numbers of individuals are working and attending school internationally. Missing your sister?s quinceanera, your nephew?s first birthday, or your daughter?s state finals can be heartbreaking. However far apart you might be around the globe, a simple phone call can work wonders to bridge the distance. AT&T knows that when you are far from home and family, staying connected can be one of the greatest challenges you face, especially when finances are tight. That?s why AT&T provides a wide variety of long-distance plans, intended to make closeness affordable for everyone.< ...Read More

  • "Types and Speeds of DSL"

    How Fast is DSL compared to Dial-Up?

    For example, the download speed of a standard dial-up transmission is limited to 56 kilobits per second (kbit/s). The download speed of DSL can range from 256 kilobits per second (kbit/s) to 24,000 kbit/s. Exactly how fast your DSL is will depend on the technology you have available to you in your area (what kind of lines are available) line conditions (how many people are attempting to transmit over the same lines) and what speed of service you elect to pay for.

    AT&T offers a variety of high-speed internet (DSL) plans that vary by pri ...Read More

  • "Top Benefits Of A Landline Phone Service"

    In this day and age, many people tend to forget the great benefits that are associated with landline phones. This is because cell phones are becoming more widely used, even for calls from home, and are constantly adding new features. Despite this, there are still many benefits to a landline that you cannot get with a cell phone. Here are some of the top benefits.

    Battery Life

    Although battery life on cell phones is improving, a single call can still take a significant drain on the battery. Smart phones, especially, can go through their battery life fast leaving you without a ...Read More

  • "How Does AT&T U-Verse TV Service Compare With Other Services?"

    If you are trying to choose the best TV service you will need to compare the various service providers. When you do so, you will soon notice that there are some great advantages to AT&T U-verse TV service compared to its competitors. It is always a good idea to check all the services and benefits from all providers and it seems as if AT&T was looking at everyone when they came up with the U-verse. The features are some of the best in the industry.

    No Antennae

    Unlike some providers which use a satellite dish in order to provide you with service, the AT&T U-verse comes to your ...Read More

  • "Is AT&T U-Verse High Speed Internet Right For You"

    When selecting internet services, those that know the potential of such services always ask themselves if it is right for them. The AT&T U-Verse is no different as people are still getting to know it. There are many reasons why you should consider switching to the high speed internet provided by AT&T U-Verse but until you see how they benefit you, those reasons can seem almost meaningless. The following features may help you decide:


    Everyone wants their internet service to give them as much possible speed, but the reality is that not everyone needs the same type of ser ...Read More

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